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Mode-locked Lasers. Wavelength-tunable Lasers. High Power Lasers. High Energy Lasers. Line Lasers. Fiber Coupling Lasers. Laser Diode.


Designing light-harvesting organic semiconductor microcrystals with wavelength-tunable lasers

Laser Optics. Fiber for Laser Coupling. Beam Expander. AOM and Shutter. Multi-function Optical System.

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Tunable, single-frequency lasers not only for quantum technologies

The wavelength can be simply set at the computer. C-WAVE tunes itself automatically and guarantees superior beam quality as well as output stability across the whole tuning range — offering both high flexibility and precision at the same time. It offers you single frequency operation, narrow spectral linewidth and options for frequency stabilization combined with an unprecedented spectral coverage.

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Depending on the required output power level, C-WAVE is either pumped by an external single-frequency laser or comes with an integrated laser, making operation and application even easier for you. Change the way you work Visible, widely tunable, continuous-wave — for a long time this was equivalent to the handling of toxic dyes, to changing laser media or resonator mirrors or the restriction to narrow tuning ranges. In its pure form, the OPV microcrystal displayed a well-defined wire-like appearance with smooth and flat surfaces. Upon introduction of C 60, the resulting microcrystal maintained similar morphology to indicate that C 60 did not significantly alter the morphology of OPV crystals.

The scientists verified the structure of the crystal microwires using Raman spectra , transmission electron microscopy TEM , select-area electron diffraction SAED and X-ray diffraction. The results suggested a strong presence of OPV with C 60 doped in its matrices. When observed under ultraviolet excitation UV , the C 60 OPV molecules showed red emission, in sharp contrast to the yellow emission in pure OPV microwires and non-luminescence in the C 60 microwires.

The scientists identified the new CT excitation state of C 60 OPV crystals using photoluminescence and calculated the efficiency of the energy transfer to show effective funneling potential between the molecules and efficient energy accumulation in the CT states of the light-harvesting microcrystals.

Tunable Laser | nm–nm Wavelength Range | RPMC Lasers

To provide in depth insight to the light harvesting systems at the level of energy-orbitals, Wang et al. Using the experimental and theoretical results, Wang et al. The researchers subsequently conducted optically pumped lasing measurements to test the lasing performance in the light-harvesting microwires using a micro-photoluminescence micro-PL system. They verified the occurrence of lasing in the C 60 OPV microwires at different pump intensities and controlled the emission from CT complexes by doping varying concentrations of C 60 in to the OPV hosts. The scientists could tune the light-harvesting molecules in the present work to provide a key step to ultimately synthesize organic laser diodes in further studies.

In this way, Kang Wang and co-workers reported on exciton funneling and stimulated emission in light-harvesting organic semiconductor microcrystals. Using theoretical and experimental demonstrations they controlled the CT complexes for effective lasing and regulated the emission of light-harvesting microcrystals to build wide wavelength-tunable micro-lasers.

While at present the results only provide detailed insight into the exciton funneling process in light-harvesting systems to enable electrically driven organic lasers. The outcomes of the work offer a promising route to develop efficient organic materials and achieve electrically driven lasers for full-color laser displays in the future. Explore further.

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      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers
      Tunable Lasers Tunable Lasers

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