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Learn how to deal. This mindfulness course is for the busy, overworked,. Joel Van der Molen to support his vision for humanity. Tony J. Selimi on why awakening the wisdom in the minds. The Albanian Visionary. Giorgianna Donaldo and Tony J. Selimi to. Listen to this thought-provoking iHeart Radio interview. Living Above the Drama. Say Yes Now. Over the past 30 years he has traveled far and wide, offering and translating more than 2, dharma teachings, and assisting a great number of distinguished Nyingma and Kagyu meditation masters in the U.

Arjia Rinpoche is one of the most prominent Buddhist teachers and lamas to have left Tibet. He has trained with lineage teachers, such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness the Panchen Lama, and Gyayak Rinpoche--from whom he received many sacred teachings and ritual instructions. During the Cultural Revolution in Chinese controlled Tibet, Arjia Rinpoche was forced to attend Chinese schools, yet secretly continued to practice and study with his tutors. In addition, he was required to work in a forced Labor Camp for 16 years.

Following the Cultural Revolution, Rinpoche continued serving as Abbot of Kumbum--overseeing the renovations in the monastery and reestablishing monastic studies. In he launched several projects including the following:. In , due to the strained political climate in Tibet, Arjia Rinpoche went into exile because he would not compromise his spiritual beliefs and practices. Both centers are dedicated to the preservation of Buddhist teachings, art and culture within and outside of Tibet and Mongolia.

Arjia Rinpoche is the only Tibetan high lama of Mongolian descent. Throughout his life, Arjia Rinpoche was tutored by specialized teachers in the area of Buddhist philosophy, sutra and tantra teachings, as well as in Buddhist art and architectural design.

The feature-length documentary on the events and Gatherings of the Grandmothers from their founding in , was completed in early summer, , and is being widely distributed. Visit www. Trailers are available at www. Says award-winning director Carole Hart: "This film will awaken those who are asleep at the wheel, and inspire the rapidly growing numbers of people who are working to create peace, justice, harmony, and balance across the planet.

With the ways the Grandmothers show us, we can sustain our planet so that our planet can sustain us. This is a movie that tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from all around the world who came together to help us create a new way of life that will bring the planet back into balance before it's too late. For many years, a spiritual teacher named Jyoti had been making relations with Indigenous wise women elders. Suddenly she found herself carrying a vision of a circle of Indigenous Grandmothers.

Carrying this vision, she was on her way to Africa to meet an African shaman and medicine woman named Bernadette Rebienot. While there, she mentioned her vision to Bernadette and was surprised to hear that Bernadette was having the same vision. They committed to manifesting it. After returning to her home in California, Jyoti and her associate Ann Rosencranz sent out invitations to 16 Indigenous women from around the world to join them in a gathering.

The 13 Grandmothers who responded had all received their own visions and heard their own ancestral prophesies. They were told that they would be called together at a critical time in history when their ancient knowledge was needed for the survival of the next generations.

At their first meeting in October , the Grandmothers, shamans and medicine women, bonded deeply and discovered that despite their different languages and cultures, they all shared a common goal. From then on, the Grandmothers decided to carry out their mission globally through visits to each of their home communities.

Through the years, they've become teachers and icons who are galvanizing and uniting a rapidly emerging global movement. They are awakening people to the urgent need for change if we are to survive on this planet. But they are not using fear as a weapon. They are offering us hope. What many people see as a threat, they see as an opportunity. They show us that by going back to the ancient and time-proven earth-based traditions and practices of our Indigenous people, we will be able to break away from our destructive habits and make the changes necessary for our survival.

An ever-changing program of your favorite high-caliber dancers includes 10 Bay area bellydance troupes presenting an exotic tapestry of cabaret, folkloric, and fusion styles. Along with her three dance companies, Sherry Brier, co-director of Inner Rhythm Movement Arts, combines the best of the thriving local bellydance community.

It is a journey behind the veil into an ancient mystical tradition.

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Two of the dance troupes will be accompanied by special guest musicians. World renouned percussionist, Susu Pampanin, will drum for Dancers of Janan. Jarek Tatarek, of Arcane Dimension, has composed two new pieces for the newly formed group of dancers created by his wife,. Call Inner Rhythm: The cloud spirits can be accessed through the actual clouds and cloud dancing cards.

We will journey with the cards, the clouds and the elements. Cloud Dancing cards are for sale at Open Secret. Sunday, May 23rd pm. She is on the referral list of Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval," and is affiliated with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Eva has taught workshops at various spas and holistic centers throughout the country. Her mission is to empower and free people of their physical and emotional limitations through ancient healing methods.

Narsimha Chaturdashi is holy appearance day of Lord Narasimhadev, the half-man half-lion incarnation of the Supreme Lord. It falls on the 14th day of the waxing moon in the month of Vaishaka May-June. In year it falls on 27th of May. He has a human-like torso and lower body and lion-like face and claws. This deity of Narasimhadev is very significant in vaishnava groups.

Birth of a Psychedelic Culture is a conversational memoir between Ralph and Ram Dass, and 15 other contributors, covering a five year period in the early sixties of the Harvard psychedelic studies and their experiences in community at Millbrook, NY. He says "I will discuss why I don't think anymore that the concept of "altered state" is useful, although "state of consciousness" is. Each state of consciousness has its own distinctive time and space parameters, and it is essential to learn how to navigate out of contractive, fixated, harmful states, and learn how to use expanded states, such as can occur with meditation and with psychedelics, for creativity, self-understanding and spiritual growth.

Ralph Metzner, Ph. He collaborated with Leary and Alpert in classic studies of psychedelics at Harvard University in the s, co-authored The Psychedelic Experience and was editor of The Psychedelic Review. He is a psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he was also the Academic Dean for ten years in the s. He is the editor of two collections of essays on the pharmacology, anthropology and phenomenology of ayahuasca and of psilocybin mushrooms.

He is also the president and co-founder of the Green Earth Foundation, dedicated to healing and harmonizing the relations between humanity and the Earth. Daivd Cushing Fuess has been teaching internationally for 30 years. He has a Masters Degree in Chinese History and Philosophy and has taught at two accupuncture schools.

He is a noted teacher of Acupuncture, polarity, Tai Chi Chih and yoga. Who are you? Why were you born on Earth at this time of the Great Shift? What are your talents and strengths? Your initiatory challenges? This class offers support and empowerment for the unique being that you are. Details are definitely included. Bring your horoscope. If you do not have one, go to the Order Page at www.

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  • Towards Understanding Galaxies at Large Redshift: Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop of the Advanced School of Astronomy of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, Juni 1–10, 1987?
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The first session of this series of teachings will begin at Berkeley Shambhala Streetspace on June 6th from pm on the perfections of generosity and discipline. Having formed the wish to benefit others, in order to progress from aspiring bodhicitta to engaging bodhicitta, we then train in the Six Paramitas: generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom.

The accomplishment of these perfections will result in the achievement of the ultimate perfection of wisdom that is enlightenment. Three Wise Women on Polyamory! What is the future of love on an imperiled planet? What's the global, cultural, relational, emotional, spiritual, and body ecology of love? Will sex save the planet? What combination of free love, polyamory, and polysexual expression will do the job of making peace with Gaia, our mother Earth? The connection between sex and the environment has been on people's minds lately.

As writer Tinamarie Bernard has put it, "At first glance, sex and the environment don't make obvious bedfellows. How can the answer to our environmental problems According to a growing number of greenies, free love may just save the planet. Why not? Is the whole idea of a politics of love a flakey new age fantasy? Or have we just not taken it far enough? Has the wisdom of love been forgotten, distorted, and misunderstood for so long we are only now starting to penetrate this mystery? Three brilliant, passionate, and courageous avatars of polyamory come together to address the theory and practice of loving in freedom, consciousness, and compassion.

Participants are invited to integrate the wisdom of bodies, hearts, minds, and souls in this heart-opening experiential journey into love. Dossie Easton, Deborah Anapol, and Serena Anderlini are all authors of groundbreaking books on polyamory. Their combined poly life experience totals well over years! Each is an incredible teacher in her own right and by choosing to join forces they have co-created the most amazing context ever for sharing of wisdom of love. Discover how your intimate, erotic life is instrumental in weaving the web of life we call Gaia.

Participants can expect to integrate the wisdom of bodies, hearts, minds, and souls in this heart-opening experiential journey into love. Join us in discovering the beauty of the web you choose to weave! To inquire about Work trade for fee reduction, please contact dossie dossieeaston. If you are among the first 15 people to register, you will receive a complimentary copy of ONE of the following books at the event, so sign up now! The Seven Natural Laws of Love. Gaia and the New Politics of Love. North Atlantic Books, Shyamdas combines ecstatic kirtan with stories and teachings from India.

As a Vedic scholar and a bhakta, he shares the philosophy of non-dual devotion with authority and flair. Shyamdas has returned from his yearly devotional travels and studies in India, where he has walked the footsteps of pilgrims, Gopis, and Bhakti Masters. Shyamdas brought a small traveling harmonium and drum and led kirtans every day as the group of pilgrims and their gurus celebrated Vraja and the amazing spring festival of Holi.

This summer, two new publications will be available to Krishna bhakti enthusiasts: Treasure House of Love: the Poems of Rasakhan features the first English translations of the poems of the 16th century Vraja poet-saint, the Muslim-born Krishna follower, Rasakhan. His revelations of direct experience and bhava with the Supreme, Shri Krishna, in the form of a mischievous butter Thief and enchanting Dancer, his divinely-afflicted Gopi lovers, His dazzling consort Shri Radha, and more.

Shyamdas has sung some of these poems on Sweet Radhe! Event Description As near as your breath is the Divine in you, waiting for your ascension. Elle Collier Re comes as Love's messenger whispering guidance for your awakening.

the octavia symposium (aka: not faster caterpillar – butterfly!

You are invited to find answers that reveal the fire behind the veil, the truth of your being. Elle awakened in her twenties and has continued to respond to the hearts of those who find her for direct and loving guidance in the discovery of their true nature. Vibrant, radiant, and caring, Elle speaks to each, as she aligns them with the Divine to bring forth the Word into daily lives. She comes from Oregon to Calif. Her website is: HeartGateSancturay. As you enter this evening's Grace Leave hesitancy and preferences and self-absorption Enter the Light within.

This is Consciousness training, unifying the awareness with the Soul and through the Soul to the Indivisible. Her mentoring and energetic alliance help free cellular level restrictions, opening the Way to walk a powerful, straightforward life as the essential Self. She is a guiding light, dancing playfully and fiercely with her students as they learn to embrace all that they believed themselves to be and in the process find the truth of who they Are.

Gregory, coach, Pure-Possibilities. She keeps her eye on the good of all, shelters each in the Heart of Love, and guides in a way that teaches us to fish rather than merely selling us fish. To have Elle in one's life is to have a treasure, a friend, an ally — one with the highest of integrity — to help us stay true to our most elegant Self. In the past year Vani has performed at diverse venues for all types of music fans from backpacked Chicago indie rockers at Lollapalooza to hippies and modern primitives in the Nevada desert at Burning Man to a jubilantly dancing crowd at the Church of the Holy City in Washington, D.

The performance is sponsored by the Boston chapter of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness to celebrate Rath Yatra, one of the most sacred holidays in the Hindu world. Each of us has been given a glowing jewel of God-being as our gift to uncover and express in this world. Join Jeannie Zandi and friends in a field of Presence and Heart as we experiment and explore the possibility of living the purity of your unique spirit-expression, meeting and dissolving the places that obscure the beauty of your birthright to live in union and joy.

If you want to uncover what you are and enter the fire of an alive and surrendered life, this evening is for you. Jeannie Zandi is a visionary, mother, writer and revolutionary of the heart who invites all into now to discover the true life we are meant to live, as Love, through surrendering to the unknown.

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Invoking the ecstatic quality of great Sufi poets Hafiz and Rumi, come ready to journey into mystic worlds of remembrance as Jacqui Lalita paints life's passion through words. Jacqui will read from her book Romancing the Divine: Poetry by the Mystic River, a collection of sensual and soulful poems that promise to inspire chills up the spine. Jacqui Lalita is a poetess passionately living in service to the Great One. She travels the world teaching and performing belly dance, writing, and helping hearts awaken to the perfection of this moment.

Her poetry sings from the heights of ascended living, ripe as a summer peace, tender as a newborn fawn, inviting all to come along. Dartanyan's career in music defies boundaries. While he has been a thrilling performer onstage, his work in the classroom has been inspirational to the hundreds of students he has worked with over the last 15 years. Dartanyan began his career on the west coast in with Teja Bell, a guitarist and producer of uncommon talent who, along with violinist Steven Kindler produced Dolphin Smiles, an album that created a commercial stir in the New Age world.

Life long friends, Bell and Brown have worked with jazz flute legend Paul Horn and recorded the album History of My Heart with synthesist and sound design pioneer Susanne Ciani. He is celebrating his 22nd year as a man with dual citizenship working on the faculty of Marin Academy and spending a portion of each year in his hometown working with young musicians in the public schools who want to know more about music and its place in our culture.

Young, recently designated California's Poet Laureate by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has established himself as a unique voice. Al and Dartanyan are a living example of how words and music are meant to play together. Open up your full potential with the intention of illumination and nourishing a deep love for all beings. We'll touch the One and join with the great masters through the ages praying for a more compassionate, illuminated, non-violent world. Prema Mayi was born in Chile. At the age of twelve, she entered an ashram of Bhakti Yoga in Europe. Now, thirty years later, her natural, gentle zeal for bhakti is embellished with a warm-hearted maturity and an inspiration to share with others what she has imbibed, through the medium of sweet and melodic kirtan.

The practice of bhakti develops transcendental devotional sentiments, and kirtan, its foremost process, is saturated with transcendental sound vibration. Each year she journeys from America, where she now lives, to perform pilgrimage of Braj in the holy land of India. Prema has learned sacred chants and mantras that have been carefully passed down through a disciplic succession of pure-hearted saints over the centuries. The potency of these chants has been preserved.

The source of these chants is divine, and therefore they resonate with our soul, the essence of our being. By nature, we are transcendental and eternally free, but, covered by the veil of material existence we experience suffering. Sacred sound has the power to transform. It frees one from the anxieties of daily life, bringing awareness of a divine presence. This is why, since time immemorial, sacred chants have been fundamental in the practice of yoga.

It is not necessary to understand the language of the chant, as its potency is beyond our comprehension.

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With an open heart one may relish the bliss carried through this vibration. The infinite cannot be contained within a limited sphere, but if He is really infinite then He has the power of making Himself known in all His fullness to the finite mind. By the channel of transcendental sound, He comes. When out of His own prerogative He takes the initiative and reveals Himself, there is actual perception of God — self realization, transcendental revelation.

Bhakti Yoga accesses the inner heart of every living entity, where the foundation of the craving for eternity and the bliss of real love is active. When it is humbly practised under the guidance of one whose heart is steeped in pure love for the Supreme Person, one receives a relish with which no happiness in this world can compare. Prema Mayi in her own natural way wishes to share what she has learned from such an acharya with you.

Gary Zukav for years has conveyed the most complex insights in language all can understand. Over and over, he challenges us to see the depth of our potential in the world…and act on that awareness. He is the author of four consecutive New York Times Bestsellers. In , The Seat of the Soul led the way to seeing the alignment of the personality and the soul as the fulfillment of life and captured the imagination of millions, becoming the 1 New York Times bestseller thirty-one times and remaining on the New York Times bestseller list almost three years.

Gary outlines the steps to discovering this profound new relationship dynamic which enables and empowers us to reach our full potential and create authentic power — the fulfilling and joyful life that is calling to us all. His gentle presence, humor, and wisdom have endeared Gary Zukav to millions of viewers through his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Six million copies of his books are in print and translations have been published in twenty-four languages.

Gary Zukav grew up in the Midwest, graduated from Harvard, and became a Special Forces Green Beret officer with Vietnam service before writing his first book. Linda Francis has been practicing the creation of authentic power since she read The Seat of the Soul in In she met Gary Zukav and they created a spiritual partnership which is in its seventeenth year. Linda is a co-founder of the Seat of the Soul Institute, the premier organization dedicated to assisting individuals in the alignment of the personality with the soul—the creation of authentic power.

Linda has been in the healing profession for three decades, first as a registered nurse and then as a chiropractor. At the present time, she is involved fully in co-creating curricula and events with Gary. Linda also guides the Authentic Power Program, which is designed to give people the tools to create authentic power and spiritual partnership in their everyday lives. A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Spiritual partners use spirituality information from their inner sources, such as their emotions and intuition.

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They also learn to choose their intentions consciously and how to develop trust in the Universe. Spiritual partnership is a new relationship dynamic in the human experience. It exists for a new multisensory humanity that is being born — a humanity that is not confined to the limitations of what can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled. You are likely a candidate for creating spiritual partnerships, or you would not be drawn to these words.

Spiritual partnerships are not exclusively for couples in marriage or relationships; they can be created in families, between friends, in the workplace, on sports teams, at school — anywhere two or more individuals decide to create a relationship as equals in order to grow spiritually.

For example, among co-workers, even if one is the boss, another is the manager, and others are hourly employees, the commitment of each is to his or her own spiritual growth, although co-workers of different job levels have different responsibilities in the workplace. Their intention to grow spiritually with every interaction rather than blame or judge each other when reactions occur becomes the defining point of their relationship.

Because spiritual partnership is a new relationship dynamic, creating partnerships of this nature will take practice. We suggest that you use the Spiritual Partnership Guidelines daily and see for yourself the changes that you make in your life. Then if you are drawn, please join me and Linda Francis, my spiritual partner to whom I am also married, in one of our spiritual partnership seminars or retreats this year, and we will share with you the beauty and empowerment of this type of relationship.

Maryanne Comaroto is a relationship expert, coach, and talk show host; over five million folks monthly listen to her three weekly shows on www. This evening Maryanne will drop in with Gary and Linda, asking them questions, and you get the chance to ask yours! Join author Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph. Marguerite will share key nuggets from her intrepid scholarly research into the ancient texts about how. Thank you. Our phone The result of many years of research, the Stiloself is now used by a growing number of therapists all over the world.

Comprising a gold body and a head with selfic microcircuits, the Stiloself works at different depths in the organs and systems of the human body depending on how it is positioned and whether or not it is in contact with the skin. The intelligence of the Stiloself travels through the organs and body systems supplying the necessary information needed to restore balance. It encourages the body to re-program itself to function normally. In this way it takes on information about pathologies that it has never treated directly, but which have been cured by other selfic instruments.

The Stiloself is very useful in the treatment of cephalea, cervical neck pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, arthritis, of the joints, tendonitis, neuralgia, stomach disorders, irritated colon, haemorrhoids, dysmenorrhoea and pathologies of the menstrual cycle. It can be used to assist relief in many serious illnesses such as pain caused by bone metastasis or to control the increase of benign growths such as lymphoma, fibrosis, and ovarian cysts.

It helps in resolving small skin imperfections, marks, warts, damaged capillaries and the general repair of skin tissues. It has a sedative, quietening effect that encourages concentration and memory. Finally it facilitates the activation of latent faculties in the individual — physical, mental, and extra-sensory. The Stiloself can also be used for self- healing. Items from Damanhur will be available for sale There may be a limited amount of Selfic jewelry and other healing items available for purchase. Esperide is a full time citizen of the Federation of Damanhur since In the same year, she graduated from the Damanhur School for Spiritual Healers.

Selfica is an ancient discipline aimed at directing intelligent and subtle energies, capable of interacting with human beings and the environment. In Damanhur, Selfica is used extensively to explore different planes of consciousness and for healing. She has worked for the European Parliament and as a consultant for Italian and international organizations. Esperide is an international speaker, a published author both in Italy and in the US , and comic novelist.

She has written and directed two plays as well as producing and directing video. She loves sci-fi, and is a very keen photographer. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan is an internationally renowned award-winning author of eight books, transformational spoken word artist, and eco-peace advocate who elegantly blends quantum understandings of the universe with inner expressions of the heart. His work was further defined by a year spent living in the wilderness, alone and without all the conveniences a modern life provides.

While in a deep communion with nature he began to take his artistry to a new level and developed many of the works that have proven to be inspiring to so many. Upon recognizing a great need for humanity to converge more deeply with the natural world, DreamingBear went on to spend many years of his life living off the grid making nature his canvas of choice as he sought to create new paradigm languages to inspire a higher level of consciousness.

DreamingBear has traveled the world extensively, sharing his message of unconditional love and fulfillment of personal potential with audiences as diverse as international dignitaries, corporate groups, and third world refugees. He's a nomadic bard, a hip mystic and modern-language Sufic style philosopher-poet all rolled into the best verbal alchemist to hit the scene as long as I can remember!

Due to the nature of this Raga, this album is best listened to at dusk or night time - twilight music Jai Uttal is a pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. He began studying classical piano at the age of seven, and later learned to play old time banjo, harmonica, and guitar. His musical interests encompassed a wide variety of styles, and over the years he experimented with many forms of musical expression.

At the age of 19, Jai moved to California to become a student of Khansahib for traditional voice training and to learn the sarod, a stringed Indian instrument. Later he traveled to India where he was deeply inspired by the Bauls, the wandering street musicians of Bengal. Jai settled among them, communicating only through music, which ultimately helped establish his unique style. An evening with Carmen Gamper, the school's so-founder and educational consultant for child-centered education, now based in the S.

Bay Area. She combines extensive academic training, hands-on experience and intuition to accompany parents and teachers towards joyful, sustainable education. Carmen was co-creator and director of two alternative Montessori schools in Europe and is author of "The Sacred Child Companion. Handbook for Child-Centered Education". She is founder of New Learning Culture Consulting. Beena pursues her dreams of freedom - but her Indian mother has other ideas, including arranging a marriage for her.

Beena has a best friend, Mary Jane, a Caucasian girl who supports her in every way. But Beena's mother has imported Bubba, straight from India, for her daughter. Bubba thinks dollars grow on trees in America, and he must find those trees and marry Beena. Will Beena give in to what her cultural heritage says is right? Or will she follow her heart and possibly lose her family? Hassan Zee. Zee brings Bollywood to Hollywood Dr.

Hassan Zee is a writer, producer and director with a rich and varied background in the media arts, including radio, television and film. Though he holds a doctoral degree in medicine, filmmaking is his preferred medicinal practice. Through his work, Zee has discovered innovative ways of challenging rigid perceptions and prejudices through pioneering and poetic storytelling.

After finishing medical school and practicing medicine for one year, Zee decided to move to the United States US and make movies. The film was shot by three time Emmy Award nominee Hiro Narita. Its a very high end comedy and family film. Even with the assistance of her main squeeze Brad Pitt and perhaps a few highly trained nannies, Angelina Jolie must still on occasion succumb to the mind-numbing exhaustion that accompanies being the matriarch of a six child household.

In spite of what can only be a perpetually frenetic pace of making meals, wiping noses and being a constant source of mom-u-tainment, the Oscar winner regularly fulfills her humanitarian calling by jetting off to third world countries plagued by environmental and social issues. It must, at the very least, be comforting to know that Brad is holding down the fort.

San Rafael Ca. Shama lived in the USA from to Those 33 years were dedicated to art, spirituality, as well as to learning and teaching conscious growth processes. The Federation of Damanhur is world famous for their underground Temple of Humankind. This new divination system uses Damanhurian symbols to define a uniquely powerful and beautiful expression that she shares through her courses and readings. Shama travels through Europe and the US to present Damanhur, its courses, and to teach this new divination system. Gifted with natural intuition and innate wisdom she shares her gifts also in individual readings.

As near as your breath is the Divine in you, waiting for your ascension.

Contemporary Political Theory

She emphasizes the holy in each she meets, and sublimes your awareness within her absolute devotion to your GodLight. All the while, Truth keeps pouring through her like dew on the awakening mind of each. Elle is amazing! She is the experience of unconditional Love for each she meets. Working with her has altered my life forever. She sees our highest potential and works at an energetic level that is impossible for the mind to understand. It is as if she opens the doors we have closed within so that the light of God can reshape our understanding of who we truly are.

This first idea creates time, space, and thus the entire universe. Meeting Karl Renz will leave you with a radically different sense of yourself. Our current predicament is the result of believing ourselves to be something other than what we really are. This self-imposed limitation causes our incessant searching and suffering. Karl Renz is originally from the Lower Saxony area of Germany. He studied agriculture before focusing on art, and since has worked as a musician and painter. In the early s he began responding to numerous invitations to hold dialogues and meetings throughout the world.

Sherry Brier. She is also creator and director of the children's dance program. With a B. Her main focus for the past fifteen years has been Oriental "bellydance" and Middle Eastern folkloric dance. She studied in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and with the most respected instructors in the U. Sherry received the Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the Bellydance community from Magana Baptiste International Bellydance Festival and Contest where she was also a.

For over 20 years, Open Secret Bookstore has been a gathering place for music, ideas and well-being.. Now there is another reason to visit: delicious organic, vegetarian cuisine! Festivities celebrating the Grand Opening for Radiance Cuisine will begin on Friday, Octoberr 22th at Noon til pm and will go through Saturday the 25th, from Noon til pm.

There will be live music, storytelling and dancing starting at noon, with spectacular evening music events for both nights. Watch for the schedule, soon TBA! Menu Extras include Chutney, refreshing Drinks and delicious Desserts This event will also feature chair massage..

Come support and partake in this community experience. Sample a new diet for a conscious, sustainable lifestyle. Radiance Cuisine features fresh, local and organic ingredients, prepared with love and affection for the divine spirit within us all and beyond. Cheri Huber is a student and teacher in the Soto Zen tradition.

She has devoted 30 years to helping people free themselves from suffering and enjoy the lives that are their birthright. Her gentleness, clarity, and humor support the challenging work of spiritual growth. She conducts workshops and retreats at these centers and at venues around the U.

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The book examines a range of topics to explore questions such as: What kinds of political community best support democracy? Do members of wealthy societies have duties to eradicate global poverty? Who or what should be the authority on human rights? Chapters are carefully organized to enhance learning by first setting out rival perspectives on key political issues which are then compared and analysed through a series of key debates. Discussion boxes are used throughout the book to consider the policy implications of different theoretical perspectives from thinkers including John Rawls, Susan Okin, Isaiah Berlin, Jane Mansbridge and Will Kymlicka.

Offering an in-depth survey of the landscape of contemporary political theory and written in an engaging and lively style, this book will equip students with the tools to think through the complex questions whose answers determine our collective political lives. An engaging and comprehensive new text that introduces readers to the key perspectives and debates in Political Theory today Uses Discussion Boxes throughout to connect a wide range of political issues and concepts with real-world politics.

Introduction 2. Political Community 3.

The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)
The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1) The NEW Power of Face Reading (Energy READING Skills for the Age of Awakening Book 1)

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