The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2

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And they meet Him fully. You have stuff everywhere. Apart from that, no satisfaction. To really know God is what life is about. And then circumstances may come and go; the knowledge of God abides. I always think of those three guys that I like, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. And back in the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, who thought himself to be some kind of a hotshot, demanded everybody worship him. In other words, when you hear the music, you fall down and you worship, okay. They knew they had the right God; they feared nothing. And no substitute can bring that. Now, Paul is going to present how they can know God.

But anyway, one is recognize God is. Two, recognize who God is. Three, recognize what God is saying. At the very beginning, a person must recognize God is. They actually had an altar to the unknown God. God is. Hebrews - what did we say it was last week? The fool is the guy who denies God is. And, you know, there are always people who deny God. They — now they — some of them are atheists. An atheist denies God.

Spiritual Warfare, Part 2 —The Armor Of God

You know, that is such a ridiculous position, atheism. What does he know?

You know? He stands on one infinitesimal peanut point, in the midst of an endless universe. But there are those who come to that conclusion that there is no God. So, you get rid of God, you get rid of the potential of judgment and you can live easier.

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The spirit beings. You know that all the spirits, the books about the spirit world — not written by Christians, but written by demons, you know, and dictated by demons — and it tells about all the hierarchy of the many gods and the prince of Venus, and this ruler over here, and this ruler over here. The world is going to get dominated, and is fast getting dominated by this whole meditation bit. The Eastern religion. Transcendental meditation. Get out of this thing. Pretty smart.

And so, we just got rid of them. So, polytheism is being propagated tremendously today. Pantheism is — is a different kind of atheism. You know what deism is? It was a kind of a little fun thing for him. So, he made it, wound it up, and he went away and let it run down. Now, all of those are forms of the denial of the true God.

To begin to come to God, you must believe that God is, and that God is knowable. You see? That God is, and that He is knowable. Well, I told you conscience. You look around; the Psalmist said the heavens declare — what? Oh, listen, you can look — you could get your science book out, and you read about the macrocosm, the unbelievable intricacy of space and the stars. I could talk on this on and on. I think this is the testimony to God.

God is God. There is no other beside Him. Now, there are many Scriptures on this, and I want to take a minute to show them to you, because this is the heart of Christianity. There is none beside Him.

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He is God. Boy, that is powerful. There is no God. Ye are even My witnesses. Yeah, there is no God; I know not any. All kinds of spirit beings. But they think there are all kinds of gods. They were giving Him all that stuff about whose wife, and all that, would she be in heaven. Stop right there. Go to verse 32, back up.

Second thing, in knowing the unknown God, back to Acts 17, in knowing the unknown God, we must believe that God is. Secondly, we must believe who God is. Who is God? Now, verse 24 to 29 gives us this information. Paul then starts and tells them who God is. Not all of them today, but five of them, beginning with Creator.

God is Creator. He created everything. Job 26 — this is just absolutely unbelievable, talking about God as Creator, beginning in verse 5.

Elias (Elijah), Op. 70 (Felix Mendelssohn)

Then His creative power is expressed in the heavens. Creative power. Think about it. Everything hangs on something. The earth hangs on nothing. On nothing. There is as much pressure exerted in every direction on the earth as in any direction. It is suspended. He even took chaos or nothingness and slung the heavens over it. What holds that water there?

But he thunder of His power who can understand? Got that? God can easier create a universe than you can think a thought. Whew, fantastic. He is so powerful. You imagine, first of all, He created everything out of nothing. He did it without any advice. And He did it without any assistance. Isaiah — you ought to read through Isaiah 40 to 48 or so and get that information about God there. I was reading in this book written by these demons, and they were claiming to be the creators.

God did it alone. He created the universe by projecting His own thought into existence. And listen to Jeremiah, Jeremiah He made it out of nothing. You ever read Romans ? Calls them into existence. God never gets tired. He never gets He is absolute energy and has no capacity to dissipate. Remember Hebrews 1? Well, His power is unbelievable.

We could talk about a lot of different verses, but let me just give you a couple of insights. Isaiah 40 talks about His upholding power. He is the God who holds it together. Who instructed Him and taught Him in the path of justice, and taught Him knowledge, and showed Him the way of understanding? Behold, He taketh up the coasts as a very little thing. And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn. Do you know what that word means? Did you know that Isaiah knew the earth was a sphere when people thought it was flat? Hundreds of years before they did. Hast thou not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding. He not only made it, He holds it together. You know, we send off our little men in these tin cans and fly them around in space for all these days, and then we shoot them back, and they land where we expect. Everything is held together. Everything is consistent. He was so right. Far too infinite. Third thing, God is Giver. This is fabulous. God is Giver. Not only Creator, and one who upholds or rules, but Giver.

He has no capacity. They were always bringing food and putting it down. And they were thinking the gods would consume it. The Hindus still do that today. They think the gods consume the food. One psalm that I just love — listen to this. They thought they were doing God a favor. For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. Guess again. God is the one that brought you into the world.

Everything is of God. God is the Giver. He is the one, the Father of lights, in whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

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You need to recognize that it did. So, God is Creator, Ruler, Giver. Lastly, for this morning, He is Controller. This is a fantastic thought, verse They believed the world was made up of two kinds of people: the Greeks and the — what? And they were the Greeks, and everybody else was the barbarian.

They were the — they were the super race. That means God is controlling history and destiny of men and nations. History is His story. He is in control. God has appointed the times of winter and summer and all of that, as well as the historical times when certain nations exist. In other words, God set a certain kingdom in a certain location.

And so, God is Controller. Well, this is some God. But then, you know, I always get the second thought. I think about God, and I go further and further and further, and think about God. I cite three examples:. Job Samyrajoo was welcoming new arrivers through the main doors. Job made to return to his post but was called back, instructed to present his face and struck a second time. This happened in clear view of all who were gathered. Job is senior and often takes responsibility for the Singapore church when Elijah is absent. This incident occurred in front of a full conference-hall in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

On this occasion, Abraham Chia a long-standing and senior member of TWT had assisted Elijah who has left-sided hemiplegia from a stroke in AD to his table on-stage and ensured he was seated comfortably and had his many accoutrements laid out correctly. As all eyes were fixed on Elijah, his countenance suddenly changed and reaching over his shoulder he slapped Abraham in the face.

Noah, a self-sacrificial elder from the Bombay church, is especially victimised by Elijah Chacko. The author saw him during one conference looking very upset and holding a pair of smashed spectacles. He had marks on his face from where Elijah had recently struck him. It seems inadequate to cite such examples. The practice is frequent and often not hid. There is a comments section if any should wish to elaborate. People deal with it by laughing it off. It is virtually a rite of passage. Only then would he be entirely ministered!

Elijah justifies his behaviour chiefly from Nehemiah In this passage Nehemiah recounts his zeal and good deeds in reforming some notable abuses in Jerusalem. He was commissioned by the great king Artaxerxes. He set himself to enforce the perfect law of God. It is instructive to consider the difference between Ezra and Nehemiah: for Ezra was a priest and Nehemiah was a governor. It was not for Ezra to lay hands upon others.

What Jesus Christ did was not emulated by the Apostles. His actions were a fulfilment of prophecy, not an example for his disciples to literally follow. They scourged none, but were themselves beaten, submitting to the council and rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His Name Acts But Elijah Chacko is not Jesus Christ!

He is at best a servant and no master.

The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2
The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2
The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2
The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2
The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2
The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2 The Lord Hath Exalted Thee - No. 23 from Elijah, part 2

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