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While being completely entranced with the story. I was completely pissed with the explanation in the end. As a story teller… you can do better. Your email address will not be published. How To Read Me A reading guide to comics and books. Books Comic Books. Together, they fight powerful evil forces who seek to control the world. Nick Sutherland.

I made an update with the new Nicci chronicles series. James Bohannon. David Schopp.

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Charissa Lohmann. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Both Ann and Zedd agreed that he was unable to do this. Remembering the business with the chimes earlier, Richard asked Zedd and Ann if they were able to take care of them. They tell him that they had come to the conclusion that there was nothing to take care of, as the chimes were a work of three.

Among many other safeguards, Kahlan would need to be Richard's third wife for the chimes to be in the world of the living. Ann and Zedd then explain to Richard and Kahlan what the chimes are. The chimes were soulless creatures from the underworld, whose presence in the world of life would absorb magic. During the discussion about the chimes and the impact they could have on the world, they heard the wail of a child.

As one everyone left the room and ran out into the rain. They found a mother and her child, who had been hurt by a chicken. Richard became convinced that something was wrong with one of the chickens in the Mud People's village. While out in the rain, Zedd and Ann decided to go and examine Juni's body. Zedd and Ann discovered that Juni's neck had not been broken as some had suspected and that he had probably drowned.

Nissel then entered with a dead baby, born stillborn. Richard then told Zedd, Ann, Kahlan and Cara that he was beginning to think that one of the Mud People's chickens was possessed by something. Richard had the Mud People round up all of their chickens. As he had this done, Ann and Kahlan had a talk. Ann asked that Kahlan please try to understand that though they might not understand what Richard was doing, he was the Seeker and they must have faith. They were then witness to Richard snuffing out a fire, still burning during the rain.

He said a single word, Sentrosi, the chime of fire. Later when Kahlan was attacked by a chicken that addressed her as "Mother", Ann and Zedd inspected the arrow used to subdue the creature. Kahlan and Richard argued that the chimes were indeed unleashed upon the world, but Ann and Zedd told them that the creature was a Lurk, created by the Sisters of the Dark on behalf of Jagang. They entered their room to find them lying head to toe, asleep. They opened their eyes and informed them that casting the webs to discover what the Lurk was had cost them their strength and now the runaway degeneration of magic caused by the Lurk was sapping them and soon everybody else of magic.

Ann and Zedd told Richard, Kahlan and Cara to go to the Wizard's Keep and stay there, as it is there they would be safe. They told Richard to go to the First Wizard's private enclave and break a bottle there with the Sword of Truth. They left immediately, though not through the sliph as its magic was contaminated also.

After Richard, Kahlan, and Cara had left, Ann and Zedd woke back up and it was revealed they had been lying.

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They were not ill, but their magic was being drained by something: the chimes. Somehow they were present in the world of life. They sent Richard to the Wizard's Keep as that was where the chimes had been released, so they could not return and reclaim his soul, on behalf of which Kahlan had called them forth. Zedd and Ann then parted ways, Zedd to see if he could banish the chimes and Ann to release the Sisters of the Light who had been captured by Jagang. Now that Jagang could no longer enter their minds, she hoped she would be able to free them without his knowledge. Zedd proceeded to travel to the land of Anderith and with the help of Franca Gowenlock , tracked the lair of the chimes to the Ovens.

There, he offered his own soul to them, in place of Richard's. Though he expected to die, having his soul claimed by the chimes served only to cause him to become disembodied; allowing him to be the first wizard in history to inhabit the body of an animal. Unfortunately, offering his soul did not banish the chimes as he had hoped.

A Sword Named Truth

Zedd's spirit took control of a raven, and in this form, tried to help Richard learn what he had; that the chimes could be defeated at the Oven's. He also attempted to save Franca Gowenlock from Serin Rajak and his extemeists, though unsuccessfully. Ultimately, Richard learnt how to defeat the chimes, freeing Zedd's soul and restoring magic. Once free, Zedd observed Anderith's occupation under the Imperial Order. He also learnt of a Sister of the Dark named Nicci , who was referred to as Death's Mistress, and acted as an agent of Emperor Jagang's rather than simply his slave.

Unfortunately, Zedd was still too weakened by his tangle with the chimes and was unable to remedy the threat she posed to the D'Haran Empire. Zedd and Adie teach the Gifted on their side to form a deadlock of magic so that no harm can befall their armies by magic means. Zedd uses magic to disguise himself as Richard in order to lead Jagang to the palace so that he and Adie could confront him.

They use constructed magic and light webs to injure Jagang and deal damage to the Imperial Order. They kill countless soldiers and sisters. Jagang was saved by a pillar of creation but injured badly. Zedd is captured by Sisters of the Dark and they put a Rada Han around his neck and lock it with Subtractive magic. He then discovers that they captured Adie as well and feels very guilty that he did not search for Adie and instead wanted a bite to eat. Zedd is required to name off a number of magical item taken from the keep and a Sister brings him a box that hold inside of it a Sunset spell.

He took the top off of the box and spit in it to activate the spell. His intention was to kill himself in the process but Chase and a group of others rescue him and Adie. They escape before the Sunset spell ignites and when it does it also delivers a considerable amount of damage to the camp killing more countless soldiers.

Wizards First Rule (Sword of Truth 1) Terry Goodkind Audiobook Part 1

Zedd does not remember Kahlan due to the Chainfire spell. He believes she was killed by the Quads due to the presence of a grave at the Confessor's Palace with her name on it, and as such claims he never met her. He thinks Richard was put under a Glamour spell and askes Nicci to use Subtractive magic on Richard to wipe his memory. Nicci disobeys Zedd and takes Richard away.

The Sword of Truth - Wikipedia

Zedd does not remember Kahlan but with his knowledge about verification webs and things he is proved helpful in the dealings with Chainfire. He has knowledge that is vital in the problem. Zedd proved to be the final motive in this. He becomes infuriated that she did so but soon realizes it was the only way.

Then Six comes to steal the Box that they possess. He conjures a tranquility web then laces it with a shield web and it saves everyone's life from the witch. Then, Zedd sees that the Keep is bleeding so he must shut it down with a spell designed to prevent the Keep from being intruded upon.

Zedd travels with Rikka to the Caves in Tamarang to reverse the spells drawn to prevent Richard from using his magic. Six captured them by having a trap draw for Zedd when he came but Shota saves their lives by killing her. In the end Zedd attends Cara's wedding and is once again happy because there is life at the Keep.

The Sisters of the Light now reside there and there are three new wizards that can finally train under the First Wizard. After Cara and Benjamin's wedding, Zedd stays in D'Hara and is harassed by people wanting to know what the future holds for them. During the gathering a women tries to kill Kahlan. Kahlan confesses her and Zedd watches as the women dies for no real reason. After Richard discussed it with him Zedd tells him that there has to be more than what they know about. Soon after Richard finds the omen machine, a machine which gives prophecies.

No one has any idea why it was buried away or what its real purpose is. Zedd started by throwing Wizard's Fire into the machine. Once the fire died down it was shown that it was still standing, with hardly a scratch. Both Nicci and Richard also failed to destroy it. Soon after Zedd discovered that Kahlan had been captured by Jit and Richard had left to save her.

He finds them unconscious with Jit dead and after getting them out of her lair he destroys the place with Wizard's Fire. Nicci then explained to Zedd that in order to fully heal them they would need to remove the touch of death within them put in them by the Hedge Maid. Zedd and the others decide to head for the Garden of Life in order to heal Richard and Kahlan. Zedd and Nicci tried to help but they find that most of their magic doesn't work against the creatures. Trying everything they know the two are able to figure out the use of air to push them around works to a small degree.

Unable to take on their numbers Zedd and the others flee the wagon holding Richard and Kahlan, hoping they chase them and leave the wagon. This works but Zedd and the others are captured in the process. While imprisioned there the half people would bleed him, thinking the blood of the gifted had special properites. Zedd was able to speak to Richard briefly once he was captured and Richard promised to help them escape.

Zedd and the others were eventually saved by Richard and they began their escape together.

See a Problem?

They had to fight their way through numerous half people and they were becoming overwhelmed. Ben gave his life so the others could escape. Zedd burned the rest of the half people while they made their escape. Shortly after heading out toward the palace again, the group is attacked by a group of half people.

Zedd helps keep them away from Richard while he takes down one at a time with his sword. They head up a small hill surronded by a rock wall to better protect themselves against the next asasult. The First File captures one of the half people alive, and Richard questions them on their motives. Soon after, Richard begins to weaken from it and the half people begin their attack anew. Zedd, along with Nicci and Irena, help the soliders as best they can. Richard orders that half go up the narrow cliff with himself as bait, seeing it as thier only chance for survival. Zedd heads up the cliff with half the men, incinerating as many of the half people as he can with Wizard's Fire. Their dry humour made this film worth watching from the very beginning, and Bass' devotion to being an oblivious character made for an enjoyable viewing experience. Realizing that this sword may actually be worth tens of thousands to the right buyer, this sets in motion the adventurous aspect of the movie. This alone allows for some wonderful, lengthy conversations to be had and it ultimately becomes a slice-of-life movie.

If just watching a movie where not much happens and well-rounded characters holding the movie together just isn't enough for you, then I would suggest looking elsewhere, but this one really worked for me. Where the films biggest weakness lies, however, within the fact that this film is very short and doesn't go beyond the boundaries it sets up for the characters at hand.

Lynn Shelton once again does a very admirable job in the director's chair and I look forward to each and every one of her outings. Sword of Trust is a great little indie film that deserves much more attention. KJ P Super Reviewer. Jul 24, The hilariously awkward Humpday punctuated insecure masculinity and was on my Top Ten list for , and 's Your Sister's Sister was another laser-like focus on characters trying to deal with a lifetime of relationship secrets coming out.

Sword of Trust is one part mumblecore drama, one part screwball comedy, and a bit of a lovely, shambly mess. Mel Marc Maron owns and operates a pawn shop in a small Alabama town. He's used to losers and lowlifes and junkies coming through and giving their sad stories. Enter Cynthia Jullian Bell and Mary Michaela Watkins , a gay couple looking to make the most of a strange inheritance.

Cynthia's grandfather gave her a Union sword and a story that says this sword is proof that the South did not lose the Civil War after all… somehow. The trio, along with Mel's dimwitted shop employee Nathaniel John Bass , hatch a scheme to try and con an underground Confederate memorabilia group for all its worth. The real draw of Sword of Trust is the low-key comic sensibilities of the cast.

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As I wrote previously in my review for Your Sister's Sister: "There's a tremendous naturalistic ease the film exudes, with the actors so familiar with one another that they truly feel like family. When I have well developed characters, and actors who seem so knowledgeable of their character's tics and flaws and secrets and smallest details, I could honestly listen to them talk for hours. Maron has matured into an impressive dramatic actor thanks to Netflix's wonderful wrestling series GLOW.

He has a natural sad sack aura to him, as well as a brittle fuse that's in danger of being set off at any moment. The character of Mel seems tailor-made for him, and I wouldn't put it past Shelton that it was she directed several episodes of GLOW as well as Maron's comedy special. He's the biggest mystery of the movie and we get hints early on in a disarmingly dramatic moment when his ex-girlfriend Deidre Shelton herself tries getting collateral so she can secure a job.

She professes that he knows "she's good for it," and that this time will be different, and the way the two of them seem to circle a larger conversation, one filled with hurt and heartache, is a masterful example in writing subtlety and subtext. We'll have their personal connections revealed later in the movie, but this scene serves as a tantalizing clue that there's more to this movie than a group of oddballs in a pawn shop. It's the first stab at drama and it's quite effective, and Shelton can be one hell of an actress too. She leaves an impression as a character you want to get back to, and sadly the movie keeps her at a distance as we learn more.

The rest of the movie doesn't quite tap into this vein more on that below but the agreeable camaraderie of the characters is a major selling point. Mumblecore movies are typically character-driven and small observational movies that lean on broken people navigating their way through the world, pushing forward onto greater emotional growth by the closing credits.

If you're not a fan of these kinds of movies, then Sword of Trust might still prove appealing based upon the broader comedy elements and the wackiness that can come at a moment's notice, like when a man at gunpoint instructs each hostage to dance in a different bizarre style. Otherwise, Sword of Trust is a movie that ambles along on its own gentle wavelengths, buoyed by the performances and interactions of its core cast. There's an uneasy alliance between the foursome. Primarily this is with Maron and Bell's characters, the two most significant players. Bell 22 Jump Street is enjoyably sunny and awkward as a woman trying to make the best of a bad inheritance.

It's the most dramatic and restrained I've ever seen Bell, best known for loud-mouthed, course comic supporting roles. Watkins Casual is more a force to push her girlfriend into further action, and Bass Baywatch is kept as the goofball meant for easy ridicule as a symbol of preferential ignorance. He's never more than a quick punchline, especially as he tries explaining his scientifically strained flat Earth beliefs. They're an enjoyable group and watching them bicker, jostle for leverage, and ultimately work as a team for common cause it sweetly entertaining.

Everyone is trying to make the best of an unexpected situation, with each playing their part to try and capitalize on this strange money-making scheme. A lengthy conversation in the back of a truck bounces from character to character, each revealing further layers they feel comfortable now sharing.

It's the kind of enjoyable character beats that the mumblecore genre is known for, crafting relatable, interesting, flawed characters and watching them play off one another. There's also plenty of comedy because of how the characters are drawn, like when Mel insists that an attacker stole his own screwdriver to use as a threatening weapon. This small comedic beat grows and grows as it almost consumes Mel so that even when that harried situation clears up he has to know whether or not it really was his own screwdriver.

That's a sly comedy beat connected to character. Shetlon's film has an improvised feel but honed to a script that provides a necessary degree of discipline. Despite the amiability of the cast and the comedic potential of the premise, Sword of Trust doesn't really rise above being a pleasant if minor hang-out picture. I feel like if it was ultimately about the characters then we needed a few more scenes where they can grow, be challenged, or simply share their conflicts and histories. If it's going to be more a wacky send-up of willfully ignorant conspiracy theorists and anti-intellectuals, then I feel like the final act needed more complications and examination.

Shelton's movie settles into a middle ground trying to have the wacky sitcom shenanigans and the heartfelt, modest mumblecore character beats. It doesn't feel like either side is fully utilized and explored to its best version. I enjoyed the characters and found the movie getting better as they opened up, especially Maron's curmudgeonly lead with a guarded past. I also laughed some big laughs at the wacky hijinks of a dysfunctional gang working together to con a group of Confederate revisionists.

There are moments that point toward the more studio-friendly, concept-driven version of this movie, like when the gang creates a cover story of them being romantic couples. In Shelton's film this is a momentary gag and then it's left behind, also because it occurs so late into the movie. You can see where the escalation of misunderstandings and trouble could make the film a broader comedy. You can also see the avenues where the characters eschew the broad comedy for more intimate, revealing conversations.

The resulting film is enjoyable and solid, but I think it would have been better if it had chosen its preferred tone. Sword of Trust my fingers keep wanting to type Sword of Truth is definitely a lesser but still enjoyable film for Shelton and her ensemble.

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It's stuck in a pleasant but diverting hangout zone when it could have been more observational or broader and wackier. I was hoping for more of a send-up of the fringes who cling to rumors and disbelief in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, whether it's that the South legitimately lost the war or that the Earth is indeed round.

The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth
The Journey...The Great Sword of Truth

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