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Jean-Paul Sartre: Mind and Body, Word and Deed

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Jean Paul Sartre's Philosophy in Being and Nothingness

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View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. Article activity alert. According to the author of The Second Sex , sex with Sartre could be exhausting, waiting for him to climax. In the last interview between Sartre and Beauvoir in , the conversation comes back to the question of sex.

Beauvoir reiterates that because Sartre always wanted to be active, this attitude brought with it a certain detachment, a coldness, and Sartre acquiesces that, because his sexual partners gave themselves whilst he did not, one could talk about a form of sadism in him. Being and Nothingness delves into sadism, described as the non-reciprocity of sexual relations as the sadist gets his kick from being a free and appropriating power in front of the freedom of the Other enslaved though the flesh.

While the former narrates his fantasies before they are played out, the latter writes letters to Beauvoir where he describes what he has done.

Introduction: Sartre on the Body

We learn in Being and Nothingness that the embodiment of pain as a way to interact with the Other is a way of treating them as an object and to become a body that inflicts pain. The problem with sex is the philosophical issue of object-relations, and of narcissism, an issue debated by Freud, Klein, Lacan and, most recently, by Bersani and Philipps in Intimacies One must accept that we can be both freedom and object for the other and we must go beyond our being-object. Beauvoir says as much in Must we burn Sade?

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Jean-Paul Sartre, Existence Precedes Essence - Philosophy Core Concepts

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Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body
Sartre on the Body Sartre on the Body

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