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I am getting towards the end and I have enjoyed it enormously. Lake Vyrnwy probably as good a place as any to go and find one I quite agree: Darren Woodhead is terrific. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for: Search. I liked Conor's previous book, but I like this one even more. Whereas in Silent Spring Revisited Conor lived through the events described but seemed, to me, to be a little detached from them, this is a book where he describes what he did, and where he went, to get to grips better with a magnificent but elusive bird.

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He takes us to Berlin, Cornell, Bedfordshire, the Peak District and many other places on the trail of goshawks and those who admire, watch and protect this bird. I've rarely seen a goshawk. That's not an unusual experience — or lack of an experience.

Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo! - The Animal's Guide to Britain, Episode 3 - BBC Two

They are not that common, but even where they are present they show themselves with more discretion than do, say, kites or buzzards. There may be goshawks near you but you may not realise they are there.

As far as this book is concerned, you don't need to have seen a goshawk to enjoy it. Looking for the Goshawk by Conor Mark Jameson.

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The book traces Conor Jameson's travels in search of the Goshawk, a magnificent yet rarely seen in Britain at least raptor. Each episode of the narrative arises from personal experience, investigation, and the unearthing of information from research, exploration and conversations.

The journey takes him from an encounter with a stuffed Goshawk in a glass case, through travels into supposed Goshawk territories in Britain, to Berlin - where he finds the bird at ease in the city. Why, he wants to know, is the bird so rarely seen in Britain? He explores the politics of birdwatching, the sport of falconry and the impact of persecution on the recent history of the bird in Britain and travels the length of Britain, through central Europe and the USA in search of answers to the goshawk mystery.

Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk
Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk
Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk
Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk
Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk
Looking for the Goshawk Looking for the Goshawk

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