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Can we find new ground by listening for it? Dozens of organizations and thousands of people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day since its inception in You are invited to participate in World Listening Day , an annual global event held on July The purposes of World Listening Day are to: Celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic The WLP was founded in and is BunB is seeking for papers, transdisciplinary workshops, artistic activities and exhibitions, posters and panels considering to propose, analyze and discuss specific projects and actions that could help us to face the serious environmental crisis.

BunB is also open to host a diversity of virtual components allowing global accessibility and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of a major international conference. Continue reading Balance-Unbalance Call for Participation. Happy World Listening Day! Participation in World Listening Day has rapidly expanded every year since the inaugural event Latest posts.


August 16, at am read more. Can we avoid extinction with better design? March 26, at am read more. To rule children by force is the technique of Satan, not of the Savior. Our parental privilege is to love them, to lead them, and to let them go. The time to listen is when someone needs to be heard. Children are naturally eager to share their experiences, which range from triumphs of delight to trials of distress.

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Are we as eager to listen? If they try to express their anguish, is it possible for us to listen openly to a shocking experience without going into a state of shock ourselves? Can we listen without interrupting and without making snap judgments that slam shut the door of dialogue?

It can remain open with the soothing reassurance that we believe in them and understand their feelings. Adults should not pretend an experience did not happen just because they might wish otherwise.

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Even silence can be misinterpreted. What makes you say that? Parents with teenage youth may find that time for listening is often less convenient but more important when young people feel lonely or troubled.

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And when they seem to deserve favor least, they may need it most. Children of all ages, learn to listen, and listen to learn from parents, as Elder Oaks taught us this morning. Spiritually or physically, it can be a matter of life and death. Several years ago, I was invited to give an important lecture at a medical school in New York City. The night before the lecture, Sister Nelson and I were invited to dinner at the home of our host professor. Some weeks later, that professor telephoned me in an obvious state of grief.

I told her so and asked her not to go. She had always been an obedient daughter, but she said that if I could not give her a good reason to decline, she wanted to go. And so she did. At the dance, alcoholic beverages were served. While returning home, he was driving too fast, missed a turn, and careened through a guardrail into a reservoir below. They were both submerged and taken to their death. This experience will not have been in vain if others can listen and learn from it. Children, honor your parents, 5 even when they cannot give a satisfactory explanation for their feelings.

Parents have a divine duty to teach their children to love the Lord. Husbands and wives, learn to listen, and listen to learn from one another. I was amused to read of an experience recorded by Elder F. Burton Howard in his biography of President Marion G. He delighted in telling of her hearing loss.

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He told me to go home and find out. The doctor instructed me to go into a far room and speak to her.

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Then I should move nearer and nearer until she does hear. Even with normal hearing, some couples seem not to listen to one another.

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Taking time to talk is essential to keep lines of communication intact. If marriage is a prime relationship in life, it deserves prime time! Yet less important appointments are often given priority, leaving only leftover moments for listening to precious partners. Keeping the garden of marriage well cultivated and free from weeds of neglect requires the time and commitment of love. It is not only a pleasant privilege, it is a scriptural requirement with promise of eternal glory. Learn to listen, and listen to learn from neighbors.

I learned much from Brother David M. Kennedy as we met with many dignitaries in nations abroad. When one of them spoke, Brother Kennedy not only looked eye to eye and listened with real intent, but he even removed his reading glasses, as if to show that he wanted nothing in the way of his total concentration. Members, learn to listen, and listen to learn from Church leaders. One day in Italy I met a wonderful priesthood leader and his wife.

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In him I saw a man with great potential. But my language was foreign to them. Through an interpreter, I challenged them to study the English language.

Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This
Listen to This Listen to This

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