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Online Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes

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    Asymptotic expansion of Jacobi polynomials. Representation theorems for solutions of the heat equation and a new method for obtaining expansions in Laguerre and hermite polynomials. Two points Pade type approximants for Stieltjes functions. Near-minimax approximation and telescoping procedures based on Laguerre and Hermite polynomials. Application des polynomes orthogonaux de Laguerre a l'identification des systemes non-lineaires.

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    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes
    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes
    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes
    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes
    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes
    Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes Further Maths 2C1 Lecture Notes

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