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The broader fear today is that violent conflicts between humans will be the outcome of human violence against nature.

GOD EATER 2 - Buster Blade All Blood Arts

One cursory look at the state of the world is enough to realize that these are not dystopian musings. This, in fact, was precisely how Nazi ideology worked.

Yet the hateful slogan is repurposed for another agenda, one of preservation and development rather than destruction and violence. How can we, the still-privileged inhabitants of , stay loyal to culture, as the articulation of what is inalienably human, in a world that needs us to preserve what is inalienably natural? How can we become truly terrestrial—which goes far beyond flying less or using less plastic or eating less meat—without giving up cultural values and skills such as literacy, the power of ironic observation or enjoying form for what it can do?

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The exhibition follows some threads in contemporary art, such as using painting and performance to tell multi-dimensional stories. Jordan Eagles prefers to liven up his work a bit. His artwork has evolved from acetate sheets pasted onto canvas, painted over with blood, to abstract pieces as big as 32 feet long that capture the process of rendering and preserving blood using various materials. Part of what fueled his experiment was a conversation at college with his best friend Greg about life after death.

Eagles decided to create a series of paintings that would act as a counter-argument to these debates. To experience this immersive piece, users wore an augmented-reality headset to see other blood cells in the room; these new cells are dimpled and have rough edges, signifying malarial infection.

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Recommended When science meets art issue Is all blood created equal? Visitors are invited to immerse themselves within this rejected blood. In the US, Britain and Australia, sexually active gay, bisexual and transgender people must abstain for a year if they wish to donate blood, although tests can now detect the HIV virus in blood within seven to 10 days after infection.

The policy, the work points out, does not reflect the science.

All the times artists used blood for radical work

Much of the exhibition was then displayed in London until November. In the latest issue of Cosmos Magazine, we have been enthralled and enraptured exploring the space between art and science. We think you will be too. Rose Hiscock, the director of Science Gallery Melbourne, breaks it down. Digital Issues Buy a back issue. Renew my subscription Give a Gift Manage my subscription.

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Gallery Biology 09 February The art and science of blood. A provocative exhibition used the tools of art and science to explore our ambivalent relationship with blood, writes Nicki Cranna. The Mums.

Arts Blood Arts Blood
Arts Blood Arts Blood
Arts Blood Arts Blood
Arts Blood Arts Blood
Arts Blood Arts Blood

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